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Applications for Speech ExpressTM
Speech Express is best suited for any embedded application that has a microprocessor at its core and a DSP for speech processing. Such embedded system based products include toys, video games, electronic dictionaries and personal digital assistants. Speech Express provides all the firmware for the DSP. Amai Technologies custom configures Speech Express for each customer based on the requirements of the customer's end product. The customer selects the speech processing algorithms required and the target DSP. Amai delivers a module, ready to burn into ROM, with the required algorithms and a version of SpOS scaled to provide only the required functionality. An application programming interface (API) is available for implementing a driver on the host processor to allow for communication with the DSP.

Benefits of Using Speech ExpressTM
Speech Express reduces time to market by providing high quality speech signal processing components in a single ROM ready package. It also reduces product development costs by eliminating months of porting algorithms to a target DSP and developing glue code between the DSP and host processor. Using the SpOS host driver API instead of "glue code" in host applications will significantly reduce efforts to upgrade to different hardware and DSP speech algorithms in future revisions of Speech Express based products. SpOS, the preemptive real-time operating system, enables the DSP to run multiple speech applications making products feature rich with little or no increase in hardware costs.

Speech ExpressTM Version 1.0
Version 1.0 of Speech Express includes SpOS version 1.0. This version of SpOS includes the basic OS components: the codec driver and the command processor. It also supports all the advanced OS features: task scheduling, memory management, inter-task communication and event timing. Available speech applications are the Voxware ULC15 1.5kbps decoder, the ITU G.726 ADPCM codec at 32kbps and the ITU G.711 coder at 64kbps. Other applications are available upon request.

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